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My Weaving life

I use my FaceBook Page, click (here) and also my Instagram page, click (here) to connect with other weavers & creatives, my lovely workshop participants & to showcase my WIP (Work in Progress), it's been a blessed journey so far & I'm hoping to continue on creating & weaving these connections.


This video clip explained a little of my weaving journey and why I'm passionate about this craft, thanks to John Dory and Phil Salmon from Colour City Creatives, Orange and Luke Wong, ABC Open Producer for your assistance.


Lanny has been surrounded by bold, vibrant colours since birth, growing up in rural Java & Bali, Indonesia, & now channels these memories into her bespoke, woven art using all materials available to in her surrounding, both natural & recyclables.

Using intricate weaving techniques, Lanny attempts to explore the space between concept & expression to bring to life her structural yet whimsical vibrant creations.


Naga means dragon in Indonesian, Lanny has chosen dragon to be her totem & symbol as it has strong characteristics, positive influences, and good luck too.

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